A little geography lesson

That’s a good question. I could see it getting changed again. We’ll see I guess.

No, that isn’t true. He signed a law making the bison the nation’s first ever national mammal not national animal. The bald eagle is still the national animal.


I was always confused by the article that pops on google when you search for it. On Wikipedia it says the national bird is the bald eagle and the national mammal is the bison. That is strange.

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It’s just like how you have state birds, bugs, food, etc.

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It doesn’t make sense why there would still be a national animal if they are making national subgroups.

This is what pops up on google. I understand what the truth is. This confuses me with the term of national animal.

Move over, bald eagle — the US has a new national animal. WASHINGTON — The bison has become the official national mammal of the United States under legislation signed into law by President Barack Obama on Monday.

They already changed the quarters https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/50_State_Quarters

You’re kidding me?

Shouldn’t the eagle and the bison belong to the Native Americans?

I’m not American, but I don’t understand that.
Both Native Americans and “later” Americans live in that country, and have done so for 100’s of years. Why should one animal belong more to one group than the other?

Why can’t they share the resources?

It is just an addition and making subgroups. The link I posted explains it. The other link is just sensationalist to get clicks. Clickbait.

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I’m just caught off with the term national animal. If there is a national bird and national mammal why is there still a national animal. I’m still questioning that in my mind. I don’t get it. So the Bald Eagle is both the national bird and national animal. The bison is just the national mammal. I don’t think the article you posted explains that.

I’m wrong, it isn’t national animal. It’s just broken down like the state’s animals.

The eagle won’t ever be replaced as the iconic animal is what I mean. It isn’t being taken away or removed.

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I just like looking at stuff the most simplest ways. Thanks.

No problem . sorry I confused the topic.

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