A little fun quiz

Complete the next two letters by following the pattern.

M - T - W - T - F - ? - ?

I’m going to say S and S, but I know there has to be a catch.

Obviously I and T.
as in
Mother Teresa, What The FIs This?


much simpler, we use these letters/words very frequently. no mother theresa, no pope francis.

I’ll say F and S…

My Toes Were Too Fat For Slippers :wink:


My Tits Were Tingling From Clothes Pins??

(Alright, I’m done!) lol!

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man, i bet you know the solution. youre just playing around with it.

I think Saturday, Sunday is the obvious answer.

Is there a deeper meaning to this quiz? Perhaps it works as well on another level?

Not really, you can make your own deeper meaning to the quiz though :slight_smile:


Name the next two letters.


C’mon folks…this is an easy one! :smile:

T C as in:
My Very Evil Mouse Just ■■■■ Underneath The Couch… Duh.


I’ll give you a hint…

Think ‘Outer Space’.

My tard wife totally ■■■■■■ someone else

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N, but P was disqualified


C’mon guys, the answer is obvious.

M - T - W -T - F…% - #.

Now that wasn’t very hard was it?

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