A Little Concerned About Crime

We already have a thread about how inflation us hurting people.

As people start going hungry, I wonder how many of them are going to start breaking into houses for food.

I don’t want to have to shoot an intruder.

We’ve already had people trying to break into my house on multiple occasions. I keep my cheap little 2019 car dented up so it looks like I don’t have money for repairs; but, my father, who lives with me, insists on parking 4 nice trucks outside, so people know he has money.

It doesn’t even scare me much that people know I have a little money in the stock market, because anyone with brains knows it takes about 2 weeks for stock sales to settle, the money to get transferred to a bank account, and me to walk into a bank and convince them I’m not under duress.

The 4 expensive trucks parked outside scare me, though. I think people tried to break in at least twice just to see if we had food.

Scary times.


I would be a little concerned too.

You can put up those dummy cameras and buy security stickers to put on your door and windows to dissuade any intruders.


I don’t worry much as I’m in a secure nine-story apartment building. You have to buzz-in people at the front door. I want to get a roommate, and will probably have to move to get one. I was going to move into the apartment complex my friend and her boyfriend live in. It’s not secure though. Apartment doors open directly to the parking lot. I’m thinking about learning to shoot and getting a gun. My current apartment building doesn’t allow guns, but the new one does.


I am not worried. San francisco is sort of on fire though but not really i feel safe always. Alot of cops and a fbi guy live near me. :thinking:


I love guns as much as any American but if you live in a secure building and you are not out and about that much then maybe settle for something easier like pepper spray or a stun gun.

I only say this because ammo can be tough to find depending on how nuts ammo shoppers get. Handguns are easy to buy provided your state does not say NO to you if you were ever involuntairly hospitalized.


Well, I don’t know. I was involuntarily put in the State Hospital back in 2008. I already have some pepper spray because of the serial killer who is stabbing people to death who are just minding their own business at bus stops and walking down the street. Pepper spray would be a defense to someone trying to stab you, but I worry about the ones with guns.

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I don’t want to shoot someone who is just trying to feed their family. That’s horrible.


Exactly. But if they break into my home, I can’t be sure of their intentions. Locally, they usually kill the person they are robbing first, before asking for stuff, it seems.

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They should be setting up soup kitchens, if they haven’t already. Also, they should start offering SNAP benefits to people who need them. There is no excuse for breaking into another person’s home. … I believe the best home defense weapon would be a 12 gauge shotgun firing a .00 load, for a number of reasons. One is that if someone is in your home who isn’t supposed to be there you are likely to panic, and miss the first shot, and a 12 gauge firing a .00 load has good stopping power. You would just need to hit the intruder with one or two pellets to incapacitate him. One problem with a shotgun is that it is hard to reload. That makes it less of a threat of a mass murder on our streets, but if you got into a shootout with an intruder you might need to reload your gun. You might think about some type of sidearm to use against an intruder. I’ve sometimes wondered if an Uzi would work well for home defense, but regardless of that, such a gun might be too useful in a mass murder scenario on the streets. That’s why it shouldn’t be allowed on the streets.


I don’t think people all know what they qualify for like SNAP.

Especially if you are MI, it takes people to help you. Hope everyone has someone navigate getting all the help they can. Like even for me I did not know about SSDI and even state and local assistance programs.


I sleep with the weapon they supposedly train FBI agents with. A Glock 19 series 5 with a 17 round 9 mm clip.

I’m not sure about the shotgun. My house was built in the 1920’s and there are gas lines in the rooms.

But, someone mentioned buying security cameras. I think I’m going to consider it.

The goal is to avoid a confrontation with an intruder, of course, not to kill one. But, you weren’t suggesting otherwise.


Yeah. I think I’m going to consider that.

I would not be able to live with myself - killing another human being.

I have been victim of many crimes. Including gun point. I won’t arm myself.

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I think I live with worse, having steamed to death innocent lobsters for the entertainment of spoiled Wal-Mart customers.

I respect your decision to not arm yourself. I have a family to protect, though.


Yes. I understand you have to do what you have to.
And your fears are valid. I believe we live in the same country.


Yes. Exactly. You can use dogs to scare intruders off. I was watching this program on tv where this guy who was a burglar was walking down the street in a nice neighborhood, telling people the things he looked for when sizing up a house to burglarize it. He came across a house with a bunch of chiuahaus, and he said there was no way he would try to rob that house, because the dogs made too much racket. Just having a few dogs that will bark at intruders is a good defense against intruders. It’s not foolproof, but it helps.

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Yes. I think maybe the dogs ran off one of the intruders already. I made a thread already about a relative getting another one. I didn’t like the decision, but it helped, I think.

I don’t want to sound critical, but one of the problems gun control activists have for some guns is a large magazine capacity. It enables a shooter to kill a lot more people.

Yes. 17 rounds might be the legal limit in my state.

I hadn’t thought about that. It needs to be examined.

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