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I really hope more people come over to this thread. I am always looking for new ideas to tame the wild animals in my head circus… :tiger2: :dromedary_camel: :elephant: :cat2: :circus_tent:

What has helped me become lucid…

Column A. Latuda and Seroquel with a Xanax chaser, twice a day, every day.

Column B. A family who supports me and believes me and never gave up on me.

Column C. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Stress management classes, Anger Management classes, relearning what this illness has taken from me

Column D. Exercise, good diet, avoiding too much stress, keeping on the move, trying to keep a handle on what I’m seeing and believing. Vitamins, and meditation. Staying away from illegal drugs and alcohol.

Column E. Family counseling so we can address some of my Sz caused issues in a fair and guilt free environment. Getting over the past and moving on. Not beating myself up for not being “successful” in a normal sense of the word.

Column F. My stint in the Day Hospital and other contact I’ve had with professional out patient resources

What is on your list?


A. Education and insight it provides- I know the science behind the hallucinations and delusions which helps stop me from giving them the upper hand

B. Support; my parents and friends are very supportive. They encourage what is healthy and warn me when I do something that has the potential to mess my head up

C. Medication; I was highly functioning in school before medication, but now I make all A’s and have a busy social life. Before meds, I would just drink whenever I could and try to pass the time. Now every psychosis-free day is a dream come true, I don’t want to escape life, I live it.

D. Exercise and sleep; I have gotten into powerlifting and am training to get good stats before joining the competitive team at my gym this summer. I already would make class 1 if I were to put on my belt and compete this instant, but I want to be master and eventually elite rank. Being strong in a literal sense is great for me, if I were to relapse, I would remember how strong I am and be able to fight psychosis harder than I did before. I also sleep on a schedule, which is important for mental health. My body is busy repairing itself and requires 9 hours of sleep per night.

E. Therapy; my psychologist has been very important in helping me grow as a person and has helped me overcome the remnants of my schizophrenic behavior. I am now becoming the extroverted fitness junkie and straight A student I was before schizophrenia disrupted my life. I have a healthy social life and am quickly making new friends in school as well as spending more time with my existing friends. I was asocial upon the time of my diagnosis, I had one friend.


I’d say what help me become lucid is taking every day as a lesson and learning from your mistakes. the moment you wake up that day is going to be different than the last. symptoms travel with the universe.symptoms also change with the weather.

  1. collaborate with family about medication
  2. provide care for family members that need medication.
  3. follow up appointment with the doctor every 3 months
  4. never have an empty pill box always fill your medication in time.
  5. finding a hobby occupation so you don’t sit still with your symptoms tormenting you.
  6. getting things done distracts that you even have an illness.