A little bit about me.

well, I just want to say I had a job working as a cashier after I had been stabilized for a while. And I was studying nursing at community college. Then I really got into buddhism and meditation. Also my doctor had been prescribing me concerta to help with the side effects of the antipsychotic I was on. So anyhow, I think that the meditation and the concerta triggered a manic episode in me, I’m schizoaffective. So meditation is kind of dangerous. Anyhow, after that I never really worked again. That was over ten years ago. Now I am living in a nursing home, about to move out to my own apartment through the help of an agency. But I am old now, like wow.


I am Buddhist too. In meditation, voices get louder since I have no visual distractions with eyes closed

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Welcome to the forum, but mediation would actually help my paranoia.


It’s OK that you mentioned your religious beliefs but if you elaborate on religious topics, this thread will get locked. Moderators don’t allow such topics since they trigger fellows


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