A Little Anxious

Hey all! I hope everyone had a nice holiday…my heart goes out to anyone who had to spend it alone…agh it kills me…

Anyways I’ve just been a bit worked up lately because my mom and little sisters leave tomorrow for a week to go help out my grandparents with their house. That means it will be just me, my dad and brothers left at home, and when my mom isn’t around my dad gets kinda crazy.

He’s a good guy, but he’s also sort of a control freak…which gives him temper issues…(though he’s been better with temper lately I find) So I’m worried he’s going to go full control freak on us like he usually does when mom isn’t around and is going to try to micromanage every second of our lives when she’s gone. It’s a distressing thought to me, as I am incredibly independent. And no doubt my brothers aren’t going to do something perfectly the way he wants and agh. I mean this man seriously tries micromanaging everything. He’ll sit at dinner and watch all of us like a hawk and snap if someone is holding a fork at an angle he doesn’t like, or if someone puts down a plate where he doesn’t want it to be put, or if the remote isn’t on a specific place on his chair. It just makes everything so much tenser. I figure he gets it from his work, since he’s pretty high up in the corporate ladder. Does anyone else live with someone like this?? How do you deal??

Anyways, just a small grievance, I know a lot of you are dealing with a lot worse right now. Just wanted to vent my worries.

At least he works and spends a portion of his energy elsewhere. My beloved dad is at home 24 by 7 and also micromanages everything starting with waking up time till sleeping time include everything in between. I tend to ignore him most if the times if he’s being too demanding but if he’s rational about it I live with it and my mom always makes it easier for me to. Glad it’s only a matter of time for you. Good luck

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Ugh that’s like my worst nightmare, I’m so sorry.

There was a phase where if I would just stay to myself not say anything to him. Like I would find for myself independent things to do like reading or making music. Its your dad we only wants what is best for our situation. Have you ever confronted him why he is so tense? You have a voice too. He isn’t king you must put your foot down and explain tohim how uncomfortable he makes things. Or just take a long walk to get away and clear your mind. Have humor. Humor is best but not always present. My tips are always get some freshair and know it is not a trap and flex your power in the household.

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Yeah I try to keep my humor during all of it. I use humor to get through pretty much everything really, haha.

I dunno why he’s so tense about everything. I mean I know he gets stressed out from work. Maybe he got it from his dad, who knows. We don’t really talk about those kinds of things.

I think that’s why going to college was so nice for me though, it gave me a chance to step back from everything. Have to admit, leaving the house improved my feelings towards my dad a great deal, though I feel kind of guilty saying that!

Dear Anna,
so sorry you have to live like that till mom and your sister comes back. All I can do is recommend that you go out as much as possible, or hide out in your room as much as you can. Hang out here with us, someone is always around
Maybe you can try tp playcate him a bit, offer him a cup of herbal tea, you know, the calming kind or play cards with him. Instead of looking at it as if it were all bad, make it into quality time.
I imagine he is set in his ways, but you never know, he may surprise you. good luck and if you feel like chatting, im me.
kitty .

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