A Little Angry about Confusion

I’m 31 years old and have tons of hobbies. I have plenty of friends and family, though my social skills are lacking at times. I try very hard to keep up, but my checkbook is a little short. I just moved with my Mom and Dad to a gorgeous new home where we are very comfortable. I’m mostly angry because my mind and body are weak and I’ve got a variety of illness. Lately I’ve been overwhelmed by confusing thoughts, they don’t make much sense, and generally make me angry. When I gather my thoughts enough to make tea and start something, I’m fine. But what about the rest of the time I feel angry? I’ve got responsibility and alone time where I need to do something. Thanks ahead of time for your input.

sometimes we have a lot to be angry about your beating yourself up for how you feel its ok to feel angry.

For example, I’ve forgotten to make a shipment that was promised 10 days ago. I’ve responded to the buyer but how am I supposed to say I have mental illness and have trouble keeping up with things like this? And for confusion, I’ve always wondered what if this had happened what if that had happened. Now my brain is telling me these things happened for reasons, right now. Sort of a panic attack, but with less order to the panicky thoughts. Way more real than a nightmare though, as the thoughts are usually associated with real life events.

For your anger-maybe a therapist, or write it down in a journal.
You don`t have to say your behind due to a mental disease. I would just apologize, and say that you are backed up with orders.
hope this helps…

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Thanks for your warm replies. I will meditate on them. Last night, before going to sleep for the night, my confusion got better. And now my thinking is better.

You didn’t say whether you worked or got disability. If you work I recommend you invest in your job. Ambition is a good distracter from the miseries of life. If you get disability, cultivate your friends. They’re more likely to want someone who is positive for their activities. Don’t worry. Be happy.

I would go with the Zen solution, which is let the anger come and let it pass. Don’t get attached to it and don’t feed it, which is, as always, easier said than done.