A Letter to Prime Minister of India

A Letter to Prime Minister of India.

Sir, I’m born prematurely that is born before time and was not fully formed hence multiple birth defects. Doctors say I’ve Schizophrenia and I’ve been receiving treatment for the last 15 or years so. My parents never reveal the truth that I was born prematurely. Anyways I’ve used brain upgrade medication like nootropics and Peptides. Sir if India uses nootropics and Peptides then all those Indians will make India a superior nation. Russians, Americans, Chinese, Europeans and many millions of people use brain upgrades and that is why they are very advanced than we Indians. An online friend of mine, Niraj from Nepal is suffering all because he is not financially supported and therefore unable to brain upgrades. As I’ve multiple defects my brain upgrade is good but not extra ordinary. Normal people get extra ordinary brain by using multiple brain upgrades. Sir, it would be perfect if we Indians and our small neighborhood nations can get all types of brain upgrades using Make in India Project. Sir the lesson I learned in my life is… Realization and choices are the way of life. Do what you like to do with whole heartedness. - Sagar Gorijala.


I hope you don’t get in trouble for writing the prime minister !!

It’s not a threatening letter. I doubt it’ll get him into trouble. Probably will get a form letter back.

I received a message to send a message to prime Minister from his app as I am an Indian.

Who did you receive a message from?

Sagar I think that you are overestimating the effect of nootropics in a HUGE way.


As I said an app. August 15 is Independence day so the prime minister wants Indians to send him a message so that he can address the nation.

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