A lesson on being un-profound

It keeps amazing me on how there’s millions and millions of companies around the world who just manufacture and put out absolute crap to the consumer. How many products have you bought that break within a week or a month after you buy them?

How many toys, for example, have you bought your kids or your young nephews or young nieces that you buy because they’re cheap and they’re plastic and they break within a month?

And every great invention; VCR’s, DVD players, Walkman’s, computers etc will inevitably have a thousand companies that manufacture cheap versions that makes the consumer think he has the greatest bargain; until the CD gets stuck inside or the player scratches it or just won’t play it.

I learned by experience long ago that, “You get what you pay for.” When I bought a $10.00 Walkman I was so happy but it lasted all of three days and after that it broke. My first three DVD players were the cheapest at FRY’s, each one stopped working in a matter of months until I smartened up and invested a little money to buy one that lasted.
And it’s even more amazing that cheap useless crap is sold in some of the biggest, most popular department stores or other types of popular nationwide retail stores.

And “as seen on TV products”. I read in Readers Digest an article that reviewed those types of products. Out of the 15 most popularly advertised products, it was only about two that got a really good rating.

But literally millions and millions of companies around the world put out useless products and advertise them on Amazon or TV or on the internet like the product is the second coming of Jesus Christ; like buying their cheap product is going to be the best thing that ever happened to you in your life. But flushing your paycheck down the toilet each month as soon as you get it is a better use for your money than buying those things.


Nick, I agree with you. Sometimes, though, a generic may be worth the money. Very recently, I did have something like you mentioned.

I am just saying that electronics should be saved for. The other stuff, well, buyer beware. Thanks for the thoughtfull topic.

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It’s even worse these days with a lot of manufacturing getting shelled out to emerging markets where the labor is cheap. My first ipod was made in California. Now they are made in China. Most of our electronics come from China. It’s good in a way that most stuff is cheap but quality is often the first thing lost.

Welcome to modern economics!

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A great big, hearty bravo to your speech @77nick77.


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