A lazy day today. It was too easy

Yeah, I slept in and missed breakfast. Well the good news is that I’m losing weight. With just three meals a day and no grazing in the kitchen or the refrigerator I’ve lost 10 lbs. My roommate has been here since June and he says he’s lost thirty lbs. Hurrah! Tomorrow I’ll do something hard or a challenge to keep me on my toes and in the swing of things. Tomorrow I plan on taking care of some business with my car and a couple of phone calls. I will get out of the house and maybe drive somewhere. And how was your day?


Today was our town day at the assisted living center where I live. I managed to buy a litre and a half bottle of white port wine from Wal Mart, and I am drinking it in my room right now. Sometimes I think I take things way too easy. I do try to earn my keep, by hook or by crook, but I could do better.

I did nothing today, fixed a plate of bacon pasta and set up a garment steamer I bought online.

That’s something, not nothing.

you are right it is. Feel so complacent sometimes on my days off from work… thinking of picking up a second job

How about an online college class?

Glad you had a chill day, Nick. You deserve it. I cleaned house to get ready for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow…with the in-laws…joy. :confused:

Thanks alien. Keeping busy is important. I used to feel good after cleaning my apartment but we’re in different situations.

“You do what you can with what you got,” is a quote that I should live by more frequently. I bitch, whine, and complain too much sometimes. :wink: What are y’all doing for the holiday tomorrow?

Dinner at my nephews in-laws.

At least you’ll be with family, and that’s a good thing! :smiley: I hope you have a wonderful time man!

Thanks, I’ll try.

that is a great idea, never have tried it. Always thinking of being in class again.

My day was okay,today will probably be better.I been exercising daily,and haven’t touch gaming or porn for 6 months.These are good achievement for me,I can only improve if I perservere

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Good job Gtx. Good job helping yourself. Hows dating going?

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Today is sunny and cold. My mood is lifted up by the sunshine. I am going to a bakery to buy some cakes. Also I am going to do some exercise in the afternoon for learning English. Actually reading and writing posts on this forum is a good practice of learning English.

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Dating has not been going well,I will continue and try,thanks