A late thank to all those who have supported me

When the incident between Firemonkey and me happened, I was busy taking care of my mom in the hospital. So I had late respnses to it. Now I’m still in the hospital to be a family nurse, but I’d like to take a little time to say something about this incident.

This incident is like a thunderstorm and the lightning shone everything around me on this forum. So I saw the soul of everything.

I’d like to say thanks to those who have supported me by kind and thoughtful words or even by a simple like. You are not just fair-weather-friends of mine. A friend in need is a friend in deed.

But this is not just about friendship, it’s about justice. It’s about humanity. My PhD project superviser, who is a prominent professor and a white, once said to me, " After you have stepped into western society, you will find the western people are no better than the Chinese in terms of humanity."

Yes, I have seen everything around this incident.


I am glad you are still posting here. I was worried you left.


Hey. Sorry I missed this event. I usually get online at certain times and miss a lot of things.

Much peace to you over the xmas period and glad you have some perspective. All I know over a lot of years on this website is to forgive and forget. You’ll never like everyone but you don’t have to reply to them or interact with their stuff.

I like your posts @green5 and like your input. Sorry you went through a tough period. Glad you’ll stick around!

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Glad to see you back @green5!
Yes, things got ugly for a while.

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I missed the event i’m afraid. But i’m certainly glad that you’re still here. Hopefully we can all move on. Good to hear from you @green5.

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