A kid's question: Why do we die?

Because life beats us up.

kids’ questions are hard to answer.


Yes. I think there is no greater challenge in life.

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There are of course many reasons why we can die.

I listen to a lot of astral projection / out-of-body podcasts to try to answer that question. I haven’t found the answer yet. Everybody has an opinion on it though.

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We are made up of stuff called DNA. DNA copies itself and becomes two DNAs. When one DNA becomes two DNAs, that is when we grow up. Unfortunately DNA has these blankets on them and a little tiny bit is shaved off when it becomes 2 DNAs. When there is no more cover on the DNA, the DNA gets sick and we die.

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there is a way to answer this but im not 100% sure how. When i grew up i felt like i always needed to know more, i would just say dont try to lie to kids. There is a way to explain things without promoting fear. Kids will prolly take a grudge till they grow older if you lie to them alot. Sometimes i think i do, to my parents…

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