A joke of a day

Sometimes when I ride on local buses I see some of the most strangest things as I did today. There was a gypsy grandmother, in Finnish ‘mustalaismummo’ and she came to a bus with a shopping cart in which she had he belongings. As she paid this bus trip she gave a 50-euro bill to the bus driver who just commented if she had some smaller amount. A bus trip costs just three euros. Some of these gypsies are some of the most interesting people.

I was expecting a joke.

Where’s the punch line? I know from having sat in on a local committee of organizations that help the homeless that some of these people pushing shopping carts around town are getting by on pensions or disability checks. So seeing a bag lady changing a 50 doesn’t phase me.


Nowadays I do not think what is a joke and what is not. My society is gonig through a change process and all kinds of different behaviors exist.

Buses in my city don’t give change. So it is either up to the passenger to pay exact amount or pay more without change.