A idea/thought I think could help about schiz

Right time of mind.

Schiz is all in your head, real thought.

You have a whole imaginary story going on in your head,
The what, the where, the why, the how, and the when.

Cause or escape you know.

All in your head to the contrast of your own, it’s your own head …

Think of having a concentration point.

Like your stuck in your own deep ponder, when it comes to a actual premise of things.

Your own unrelevance to living in you know the scope of actual life events.

So with that concentration point in mind,
Think of time.

Your just trying to get to the right time of mind.

So that’s my thought,
Hopefully it’s just a relevant gesture of thinking to get back in proper standards.

Reedited: the standards of imagination are in regards or based by familiarity and significance to so said halluicenation or delusion.

No offense this is a little hard to follow

Ah sorry if it was hard to follow,
The idea I was trying to point out was:

Idk the basic take was it’s all in your head,

Think of time
and basically your trying to get back in the right time of mind of things.
Like trying to concentrate again.

Schiz is just going on in your head.

And it’s all in your hold based off your own significance or familiarity
Ah to these things,

I think you need to add the obsessional thought aspect. I think for me thats more than in your head? I don’t know?

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I agree um,

It was just a simple thought that could be a better sight of what is partial of mind.

Where basically obsessing about these things because

You know it’s not the way we wish to think about things or ideas .
It’s not the thoughts I want or how we really see things.
Really destroys the bounds of things,

And you know that’s a reality that does need to be touched on

When it comes to personal image and coming to better terms with yourself,
It’s definetly a real thing.

Both trying to fix it and coming to better understanding of these things and yourself.
Like a better understanding of how and why.

All my thought,

The strong mental convictions with this illness are a very hard lapse to come to terms with or understand in a bigger picture.

Something I’m still struggling with so yeah this is all just my opinion.

I appreciate your opinion. I think we all try and make sense of it in our own ways.

You can’t think your way out of schizophrenia unfortunately.

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Yeah very true.

Idk the golden truth of it all, or the end all say all.

I don’t think anyone really does

Never said that.

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Personally I hate the response “but you know it’s all in your head right?” Or “you know it’s not real right?” Ugh


Idk I believe that, but along with the idea

I think within reason it’s all in the standards of your own holding.

I think for me. I have to question if my thinking about schizophrenia is apart of a delusion. Am I trying to reassure myself may be?

Of course it’s true but it shows a fundamental misunderstanding of what psychosis is.

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I don’t really know,

It’s like we all have this force of mind

idk I think coping skills may be a better way to look at it

Idk though.

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I agree about the coping skills. Don’t become so focused.

I think in your other posts you seem pre-occupied. I’ll be honest it didn’t make sense to me. I don’t know about others. We all have out troubles, it doesn’t mean you troubles are less important than anybody else.

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That is very true.

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If what I were dealing with in my scz dreamscapes were things that are going on in reality, I would have the benefit of time and space. That is to say that I have the benefit of time to delay the opponents of mine, and I have the benefit of space obfuscate them, hold them back with objects, distract them with objects, and put space in between them and I. Even using defensive maneuvers is a spacial benefit which including the time phenomena benefits as well.

In the scz dreamscape though space and time is irrelevant They are of no benefit there because they are barely even applicable there.

You are in the exact same place or space as your opponents in the scz dreamscape, so there is no getting away. They are you, and you are them no matter what in the end. If you won, you lost, and if you lost, you won. It’s your mental faculties which are only inches apart in your head communicating information back and forth at the speed of light as though these mental faculty processors were separate people which is not the case. It’s different forms of information on the same brain platform. That’s all. It’s like if you set a computer game to play itself. There are information forms such as each fighting character in the game, and there is the serious factor of the logic being used both in the computer hardware and the algorithmic formulas in the programs.

So if you strike your opponents in your scz dreamscape, they have the upper hand because as you are processing the information to retaliate for example or any social interaction with them works the same way, then that information has already been shifted to the other processor/s that will oppose you. They all share the same information, so whatever you say to them, or whatever you intend to do as far as retaliation, it’s from the same brain as the other processors that are interacting or contending with you. There is no win. There is no loss. This is why scz’s never “win the scz game.” They are simply beating themselves with the information that they are giving their opponent/s which is themselves. It is an endless draw that is ultimately very painful and self destructive.

So spatially you are in the same place, and in regard to time you are in the same instance when you are in an informational, ontological dreamscape with imaginary opponents or acquaintances.

So do you understand what I mean, and how would you apply this to your idea? Thanks :slight_smile:


Really love the theme you place on what’s going on in the mind.

Love the outlay.

Well with that conclusion in mind,

You can ultimately come to the reality of complete failure and begin to understand that there is no fix,
And with that real insight give up on trying to get back.

Or because schizophrenia considered split personality disorders,

Let’s say a force of mind.
Typically people with schizophrenia deal with a negative force,

So you come to bounds with your own suppressed ideas that your having about it.

The idea being it’s not a separate thing but a self complication.

Inherently I would say,
Anything that a person sees in his own light of joy, what is unwarranted to him is no longer.

Idk just a idea,

Love how you can structure inner complications like you do.

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