A housemate is coming home fron the hospital, today

She’s been gone 3 plus weeks and I’ve really missed her. She’s a great person when she gets her head together. I’m so glad she’s coming home.


i’m really happy for you.
take care

You know what. She refused to take an injection so they didn’t let her come home. They’re having a stand off. I know she hates injections and if her health is ok otherwise, I don’t see why they couldn’t adjust her meds. She’s a rebel. In a way, I hope she wins the stand off… But, I know she wants to come home.

Now she won’t eat again. They gave her the injection by force. She’s back sliding again when she had been well enough to come home. Doctors are blackmailing her. It doesn’t seem right.

sorry to hear that, hopefully she’ll be back soon.
know someone cares.
take care