A horrible hospital experience

I was hospitalized in 2018 for 5 months. It was the worst experience of my life… I was attacked 4 times and the staff did absolutely nothing to the people who attacked me. I was thrown into the seclusion room countless times and for no apparent reason… They would give me Zyprexa injections and I would get seizures from it. They were giving me meds that I don’t even take… A very large dose of Zyprexa, Invega, Depakote, Cogentin and several others. I’m supposed to be on Clozaril but they are giving me Zyprexa which was a med I tried in the 90’s and found it didnt work. If they had just put me on the med I’m supposed to take I would have been out in 2 weeks… But no they give me Zyprexa for 4 months… After 4 months I started yelling at my Doctor to put me on Clozaril… I was there for 5 months and I had no counseling whatsoever. It was terrible… They didnt communicate with me at all… Not even for small things like for example… I would get up at 3 AM and tell the people at the desk that the unite we were om was a Insomniac unit… I told them this every night for about 3 weeks… and youd think they would say “This isnt an insomniac unit.” instead they just let me tell them that it is. Or also they would lock all the bathroom doors. Every day I would yell at them about them locking the bathrooms doors… Nobody came to explain to me why they did. Instead they just let me yell about it every day. I mean come on! Everyday at breakfast I would yell at one of the nurses because I thought I was reading his mind and I heard him thinking really bad things so I yelled at him for it. Nobody came to speak to me about it. No “Why are you yelling at him?” Instead 4 hours later while I’m just walking around not doing anything they grab me and throw me in the seclusion room and shoot me up with Zyprexa. To make matters worse was that sometimes I would black out completely and I had no idea what I was doing… To the point that I somehow broke all my toes and I dont know how I did it. In the 30 years of having SZ I have never blanked out like that. And to top it all off I’m suffering from all the delusions and hallucinations I was having. I pretty much had no correct care at all. I mean the wrong meds and no counseling for about 5 months. So when I finally get out I’m slapped with a 2 year Conditional Discharge and put under the care of a Guardian which I found as uncalled for and insulting because I didn’t do anything that was irresponsible or negligent to end up in the Hospital… My Doctor took me off my meds… My Doctor is the one who took me off my meds… and they are punishing me for it. I am now suffering from PTSD on top of my Schizophrenia because of my experince at the Hospital… I have now been out of the hospital for a year. I’m still complaining about it… I find myself yelling at recalling scenarios of experiences at the hospital… Everyday I think about it… I find myself angry a lot because of it…and its been a year. I need to do something about this… because it’s starting to become a problem. I should be over this by now.

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That sounds really tough.

That sounds rough You should be able to file a complaint. I did after my last hospital experience when I had to sleep on the floor after getting attacked by a roommate

Yeah sounds bad mate, sorry you had to go through that

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