A holiday ramble

It kind of struck me tonight when I was thinking of my job history. I am seeing my sisters tomorrow and I was wondering if they realize something about me. I think (it seems) that they don’t grasp certain aspects of my life. They know many of the events in my life like my jobs , going to school etc. But when I mention that I worked at Target for 8 months for instance they can grasp that I held a job for awhile but I don’t think they understand the whole picture.

It seems they realize, yeah, I went to work and punched in and did my duties for 6 or 7 hours and then went home but it involves much, much more than that. It meant getting along in close quarters with people and getting along with them day after day. That involved working with people sometimes who didn’t like me (and people who did). It meant (lets face reality) sometimes being hassled or intimidated. It meant learning “systems” or procedures that could be complicated in different jobs.

Working is not just simply going to a place and lifting things and everybody is nice and we all get along just peachy for 8 hours with each other. Jobs can be fun. Heck, vacuuming is fun sometimes! Stocking shelves can be not bad. But so much stuff goes on in a workplace every day. I know lots of you guys can relate. I’m going to talk to my sisters about this. I sense that they love me but I kind of get overlooked and run over when I visit them. Certainly not on purpose or spitefully. In fact they are such great sisters that when I brought up that I can’t handle being interrupted they immediately offered to stop doing it if they can. That’s how great they are. I really don’t understand why they love me. Well, in reality I understand why they love me but it just amazes me the extent of how much they show it and the lengths they go to look after me.

But anyways they are outgoing and more social than me and even though they don’t mean me harm I think they don’t grasp what my life entails and I want them to respect me and appreciate me. It’s important to me. Anyways, Christmas Eve is just hours away. I hope all of us on here do good, I hope its possible for us to give ourselves a break and enjoy the holidays and get away from our struggles just a little. Christmas spirit is a real thing and this time of year its good to expect it and feel it. I wish you all a hopefully a good night. Peace to everybody.


Merry Xmas @77nick77.

Have a good time and look forward to your new years contributions.

Honestly…I don’t think any normals can really understand how much an achievement it is for a person with schizophrenia to hold down a job, Be a parent, or anything else. It really is a serious disorder that affects so much of your life…but for people like me who have schizophrenia your stories of dealing with life whilst maintaing a sense of humor is invigorating.

Keep on keeping on my friend!


As usual @rogueone, thank you very much. It always helps. i wish you a Merry Christmas.


I receive no money from the gov and can not work a 9 to 5 anymore… i did some work building handicapped ramps at a friends house… most of the money went to food and stuff we needed… i had enough left for 2 gifts. A deadpool tshirt for my gf…i need to wrap… and a spiderman plush toy its prolly 8 inches tall for my little one…

anyway. i gave it to him early… 2 days ago… i havent had much christmas spirit up till when i saw him run inside to go get the spiderman. Just to show off to some family friends who stopped by… and my heart grew 3 more sizes when i saw him sleeping with it this morning… he usual doesnt sleep with any toys or stuffed animals…

The family and my gf have made sure the tree is over flowing with presents. But im so glad he loves that little spiderman i personally got him…

So i agree holiday spirit is a real thing. Merry christmas to all… tomm we will burn a sun wheele and i will let him open another present…


Merry Christmas @77nick77 :christmas_tree:

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Merry Christmas beautiful angel!

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You too SleepySeleneBug. Merry Christmas.

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