A holiday can do you good!

I think a holiday can do you good if you can get used to holidays like I have, my friend Alison has always pushed me to get out and go places with her ever since we met 12 years ago, we started with just small holidays to Blackpool and then went on a plane with my mum, sis and her boys so we were safe with them there and the place we went was nice so after that we went abroad and we are still trying to fit in, it gets easier every time I think (well it did for us anyway,

Any how we went further and further to better and better locations including Florida and now Mexico, I’m glad I had the chance to come here thanks to my friend and I never thought I’d get away but now I have and I am settling in (maybe a bit slower than every one else) but that’s just because of the illness I think,

Glad I could get time away from the monotony of life and this Scottish weather lol, it’s good to get away sometimes,


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