A-hole yuuuup

■■■■ you mr POS


Guy troubles eh? I stopped dating guys a while ago, can’t trust em :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What’s going on??

Assholes abound in all shapes and sizes. The depravity of humanity doesn’t surprise me anymore. I try not to be an ass to people but if someone is being a dick I have no problem pointing it out to them. On the internet I don’t care so much but in real life when there isn’t a handy ignore or block button I may not be so patient. Poo on some people.

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Wut? What happened ?!

I’m talking about this pos, he knows who he is.

Probably two-thirds of the guys on this site asked themselves, “Does she mean me?” That’s what I did.

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Pardon my ignorance but what does POS stand for?

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I looked it up.
I think it means piece of sh$t.
But I’m not sure.

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It can also mean point of sale, coming from a retail background.

But yeah, I think you got it right.

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It does mean piece of ■■■■.

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Sorry you’re going through this @TheStrange

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Yikes @TheStrange. If this is someone on the site bothering you, you should report it.

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