A history/humanity lesson


On this day, May 31. 1992. Serbian authorities of the Prijedor city had forced all the non-Serbs citizens, Croats and Bosnians,to wear a white armband as a sign of distinction.
Couple decades after the world cruelest genocide, a history has been repeated.


There have been seven times in the twentieth century that I know of where at least a million people were massacred. The Turks killed a million Armenians, the Chinese killed a million Tibetans, Pol Pot killed a million Cambodians, Joseph Stalin killed millions of Russians, Hitler killed millions in his rampage, the Japanese killed millions on their rampage through the orient, and millions died in the Chinese cultural revolution. The Hutus massacre of the Tutsies in Africa was close to a million. It seems that the common denominator of all races and creeds is a propensity to slaughter.


Did you watch this one?

This particular genocide was the only one, after the Holocaust, that happened in the heart of Europe.And the instruments used to differentiate one ethnic group from another are similarly horrifying.

The top three mass murderers in the 20th century were Mao Zedong, Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler in that order. Mao has a massive lead over anyone else. Here’s a chart that compares the top murders in the 20th century:

Here’s an interesting article about the top 20 mass murders in the 20th century .

@sarad The white armband day is interesting, I’ve never heard of it before. The history of the balkans isn’t talked about much in the USA, other than that a group of serbs assassinated Franz Ferdinand which officially started WWI.

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& in every case these people have been supported/condoned by the masses - says it all.

Loool they put Josip Broz Tito on the list but not Radovan Karadžić.
Im not sure if everything on this list is considered as a genocide?

Now, this is the face of the killer.

The white armband day is established to draw the attention to the fact that current authorities do not allow any kind of memorial/ monument to be build up in the city of genocide.
On that day all the non Serbian people had been forced to wear a white armband or to show the white flag on the windows.
About 5000 people were killed in the several war camps. About 14000 are missing.

@Bipolar_Bear you are a very untypical american indeed. :slight_smile:

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That reminds me of a poll from 2007 asking Russian youth about Stalin…

This is a very real & growing risk in the UK -

The past 5 years has seen widespread passive euthanasia of the mentally ill. Most people seem to neither care, or are too brainwashed by the herd mentality.

If you hold a mountain dew can upside down it says mao.