A heart-warming story : how the angel came to be on the top of the Christmas tree

One year Santa Clause was having a VERY bad year. On Christmas Eve there was a huge blizzard, most of his reindeer were sick, and his elves were on strike. To top it off, he tripped on a wreath and sprained his ankle. An hour before he was supposed to deliver presents he was in a foul, black mood.
He was sitting in his house in a rocking chair when he heard ; “Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap”, on his front door. He dragged himself over and flung open the door. At his door was a little, beautiful, perfect little angel. She was dragging a Christmas tree behind her.
Santa looked at her and bellowed, “What on earth do you want”?
The angel lifted her pretty face and said with a sweet little smile, “Santa, Santa”… where should I put this Christmas Tree"?


I’ll buy THAT for a dollar!

The angel on the tree is a point of contention in our household. My wife has an ‘angel thing’ and only puts an angel on top of the tree. I grew up with stars on the tops of our trees. I’d kind of like one on the tree for my kid before she’s an adult (only five years left on that). Told my wife my thoughts and I guess I can put the star in the same spot the angel put the tree. :grimacing:



Our very liberal city gets a bit odd about Christmas trees.

Every darn year we get stranger and stranger about this issue.

This is what was decided one year…

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