A hard time learning "You can be replaced."

I think children who have a sibling younger than themselves have been “replaced” by the younger child and learn that life lesson a lot sooner than the sibling who is the youngest of the brood and didn’t experience being replaced by another baby.
I took a study break from a job and returned to it only to find they had hired someone to take my place. How could they do that to me? :slightly_smiling_face:


Parents don’t have younger children to replace older. That’s a really bad take on family dynamics.


I’m just saying she fought my growing up because she didn’t like the idea of not having a baby.

I have 4 kids, all of them are individuals and unique. I didnt have any of them to replace the older ones. I had them because i wanted to grow the family. I always wanted to have a big family.


That is an intresting statement. Personally I do not find it offensive to any. Never thought of that.
I am sure you never ment that parents replace the elder, since all kids are egual in the eyes of the parents.
Just a lesson given by life itself.

I felt “replaced”…
I wasn’t planned, but my brother was.
When he was born, I was replaced in a way of attention.
They separated us in his first year, like mother was in charge of him, and my father took me away from home by going on trips, sometimes for a month.

I’m an only child. I wish I had at least one sibling. Garnering all the attention in the family and being spoiled by my 2 grandmas surely felt good then, but twisted my perception, with negative effects later on. Life is not that kind.


Sadly that isn’t always true.

It is with good parents

Agree totally re good parents. Very touchy subject for me at present.

I used to hear that line at staff meetings at my last job. Whether you were a good worker or not everyone heard the same thing.

They used call my old boss The axe because she was letting people go constantly.

I never took it personally though. Being a manager must have a few perks but it sounds like a shitty deal no matter what.

My uncle was often in court testifying bc he let people go and they brought wrongful termination suits to his company.

I’m sorry. Hope things get better soon.

Thank you. Mixed emotions. Father dying .Physically very weak but mind still razor sharp. He’s treating my brother,who went to help, like crap. My sister is my father’s favourite by a country mile or more. She’s the successful one. My brother and I are his second class children. I thought he’d mellow with death approaching fast. Be kinder to my brother. I was so wrong.

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Just because he is failing, doesn’t mean you or your brother have to put up with that. From what you have said before,he can afford home care.

You do not have to put up with toxicity,even from parents. Even if they are old or ill. That’s no excuse to treat people that love you badly.

Illness and dying doesn’t make an bad person good. Not saying he’s bad, just stating that in general.

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My stepmum doesn’t want to him to have 3x a day home care. That would mean getting less money when he dies. Both are agreed that he should be resuscitated if his heart stops. So he’s still alive. So the pension can be received for as long as possible. If you’re thinking WTF!!??!! join the queue. Latest crazy idea stop the home care and go to the cottage/shack they own in Tazwell for several days. To quote my brother-

walkers and wheel chairs , their meds and sanitary stuff must go with them plus an oxygen tank clean clothes not to mention a whole lot of food , she can’t help him in any way either it’s just crazy isn’t it they’ll be on there own miles from anywhere up a mountain virtually inaccessible in the middle of nowhere ! It is so stupid

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