A hard time admitting something was too difficult for me

After pride cometh the fall.

I have this too, I tend to underplay the symptoms probably why they won’t give me Disability

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I get into a lot of jambs because I don’t stop and think carefully. I’m either being a cold person or being a person in a panic.

I don’t think you’re cold @chordy I’m sorry you struggling …

I’m cold and scared about physical presence. It doesn’t come across when I am writing.

I look at difficult things in my life as growth opportunities. If you haven’t failed it means you haven’t tried.

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yea it’s hard to admit that things can be too difficult… i used to have a lot of issues with that but now i accepted more what i can and can’t do.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease. I said that in group, and this woman said, “Sometimes the squeaky wheel gets taken off and thrown away”. You have to choose your battles.

I’m very much a ‘solve it quickly or flounder’ kind of person.

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