A happy doggo

I think he got excited because we came home.


Always good to have a pet if you can take care of it.

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A very well groomed doggo too !

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He is so cute I can’t stand it!

He is really low maintenance, to be honest. All we need to do is groom him every month and brush him every 2 weeks. He is non-shedding so all we need to do is to wash him regularly and brush his fur around his ears. Other than that, he doesn’t really care when I cut his nails.

The little fluff (the white and brown one) tends to be a little bit stubborn and he doesn’t like his nails cut, so we take him to the vet. Otherwise, same thing with the little fluff. He’s very chill and easy going, but gets angry when he doesn’t want to be touched. But you gotta respect your dog’s boundaries. Everyone has one, even dogs.

Thanks y’all for your kind replies.


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