A Gripping Story In a Terrible Conflict

There has been a drama in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict about a captured female Ukrainian pilot named Nadia Savchenko. She’s been imprisoned by the Russians for several months and has been a brave woman often defying them by singing the Ukrainian national anthem as the Russians were trying or displaying her on TV. There’s no telling what they’ve been doing to her. She reached a breaking point in the last month and went on a hunger strike along later with a water strike which the Russians briefly tricked her into stopping. She said she wanted to “die a Ukrainian”. Now the Ukrainian President has intervened and called Russian President Putin and has apparently made a deal for a prisoner swap. She accepted food and water again after the Ukrainian President talked to her. I hope she lives and Putin doesn’t back out of the deal. It may be a bright spot in a tragic conflict.

Putin worth 4 billion, don’t believe his agenda, but don’t think it was worth the risk.

Is Ukraine now a sovereign nation?

Did you hear about what happened in Angola? A bunch of activists were arrested for reading a book, “From dictatorship to democracy”, some of them went into hunger strike and nothing was done, none of them died yet but nobody knows where this is leading. The UN made a plea to the Angola government but no action arose from there.

Putin has been in power since I was in my teens, I’m now in my early 30’s…dictator? I don’t know my voice often tells me to defect to the Russian embassy though so perhaps I shouldn’t say anything, lol. There’s all kinds of hypocracy long been happening right at home though, all kinds. I was half ina bottle last night (sorry? thank you for not replying to my posts?) listening to Democracy Now on community supported radio and heard a breaking story about slavery in Indonesian fishing industry with product ending up on American shelves. Products of slavery are illegal in the United States (known historically for slavery) but the seafood lobby may be more powerful than you think, we’ll see what happens.

I awoke at 6:30 this morning, haven’t had more than four hours sleep in four days, made coffee and put the news on when that was exhausted I ended up on the verge of a panic attack which I couldn’t think my way out of so I ended up at the corner store for a 12 pack of beer (I don’t make a habit of drinking in the morning but I was seriously panicking) So I’m coming out of the store and I notice that a big white SUV has parked half a foot from my vehicle, then I see blue stripes on the side and I’m thinking, police, okay, sqeezing by with my beer but then I see that it’s Homeland Security and I look up to see the officer giving me the look over, I just gave him a nod and squeezed into my car but this made my panicky morning even worse. On the way home the police were camped out in the driveway of the mental health center, but at this point (I have a fear of being setup for some crime that has gone on so long that it’s not even really fear anymore, it’s just whatever happens happens)

Phew. It’s a crazy world huh?

It is for as long as Russia and the West allow it to be. If they make a deal in return for Russia help in another matter Ukraine will be history.

ah huh, that’s f-ing ■■■■ for sure.

The mega-lopilis has turned every day activity to a crime.

Even friends can’t be trusted, had one call my local police on my welfare, and they were pounding on my door.

How many times you think they now patrol my area?

I have an old friend who grew up in Russia, real person to look up to as she has very mild cerebral palsy that you can only notice in the way she walks. She’s a social psychology major with a serious grudge with Putin, she was an absolute sweetheart when I knew her in her early 20’s but is I can tell a real tough cookie as well, grew up in Russian orphanage during their transition from socialism. Wish I’d kept things to our morning cuddling but we seem to be magnetic and she gives free affection more freely than I and that’s saying something, her love is spread far and wide and there’s a wealth of it.

My second love spent a month on the north coast of western Russia and before this she had a Russian girl staying with us, I remember coming over the day they got home from the airport, girl was relieved that we were also smokers and that she could have a cigarette and the next question was do we drink? Yes! We drink! But apparently not enough for her as it was smack in the midst of a bad winter which she couldn’t understand why this would put a damper on things or why even driving was considered dangerous, bieng from northern Russia. We took her to one party at this girl’s house who’s CEO parents were perpetually out of the country and raided their liqour cabinets/wine cellar…sick wine cellar! Her comment, though she absolutely adored our love for each other was “This boy cannot drink!” I’m a god damn drinker I thought at that but just happen to be in the bathtub having pulled down the shower curtain…probably very American of me.

good story, I’ve read lots of Russian lit,

love Bely’s “Petersburg” and “master and margarita” and many others.

Still, American’s can’t understand the armed guards in St. Pete’s, if you visit.

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