A great uncle! a thought im dreading

o i don’t know if i can do it all again, not sure i will be able to be around for my nieces and nephews kids. im always happy when they grow up, i have less and less energy for little kids. it’s neverending. a big reason why i could never live with my brother or sister is the thought that i would be a 3rd wheel, as they have grandchildren. but it’s probably not that unusual for a child not to know their great uncle, so it’s not something i would have guilt about.

i met one of my great uncles a couple summers ago for the first time, he is 86. i never even knew i had a great uncle. fit and has all his hair. he lives close by in ohio but we never visited him when i was growing up. he said to me “im your uncle paul” and i was like “nice to meet you” lol.

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