A great American quote

“I’m not honest whatsoever, I just expect other people to be” -My father.

Not knowing anything about and not having the apparent abilities of those around me, perhaps and I believe not, everyone to be as powerful as others, I wonder at times am I the last human being on earth, out of six billion, common’ man, there’s got to be hold outs like me. What I just got done explaining is that for all the equally negative qualities humanity had, those I know cannot match or comprehend the emotions of the human heart.

And what I got back was “I’m not going to listen to this”…I hung up.

A man I built a steel framed structure under the direction of, who married a girl I should have, told many in our community that I was (like this song) “A hurricane”

I’ve heard so many times “There goes you’re hurricane” Bring it on.

METRIC Does a Cool Acoustic Cover of

]]] Don’t think twice it’s alright [[[

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S_O_M_E_1_ ,

Will Enjoi it … ,

His Son ALSO Has a Coolio Band … ,

Check Out THE WALLFLOWERS (!!!) ,

Peace Be Unto You .