A good thing hidden in disguise

As some of you may know, I have uncontrolled asthma. I simply CANNOT get it under curtailed. I am on steroids most of the time (no, not the fun anabolic steroids weightlifters abuse), and I have two inhalers I use throughout the day and in emergencies. But the one benefit to it is I definitely have no tolerance for being around cigarette smoke. I would DIE if I was. I am currently recovering from asthmatic bronchitis and I swear, if I have to be around a smoker, I will lose my $hit. Suffice it to say, I won’t be picking up a cigarette any time soon. Nastiest stuff in the history of ever. Sorry if I offended any smokers on here, but I’m just expressing how bad it is for ME.


I get bored, I smoke, I think about quitting, I get bored, I smoke, I think about quitting. Lol it is a really stupid vice.

Good on you for staying away.

I’m reducing my smoke inhalation. Don’t be mad if I grill some peaches. (it has a nebulyzer like effect)

I’m a secondhand smoker - I sit with my husband when he smokes. Doesn’t bother me, but I sometimes worry about getting cancer when I am older, because there was cancer in my mom’s family. My husband says I mustn’t sit with him too much when he smokes, but sometimes I don’t care. Sometimes I feel drawn to smoking myself, because of the so-called relaxation it can produce. But I know its unhealthy so I won’t begin and my husband won’t like it either, he wants to quit, but is addicted, so its very hard for him. He smokes because he’s bored and when he talks he likes it too.
I wish there was a healthy cigarette! But its a thing of impossibility.

My mum has lung disease. She too has a real problem with smoke. I never smoke in front of her but the stench of it on my clothes when I smoke outside sets off her lungs.

Therefore I only use an e-cig if I am round at hers and I put on clean clothes before I go.

Does the smell of smoke on people’s clothes exacerbate your asthma?

Yes, very much so.