A good pdoc joke

pdoc “Now that you are yourself again, you won’t need to see me anymore. You can pay the receptionist on the way out.”
client “Oh; I’m not going to pay you.”
pdoc “Why not?”
client “I wasn’t myself. Let whoever I was pay for it.”


Haha that’s a good one Chordy!

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A man walks into a psychiatrists office. The doctor says, “I need a little background on your family to see how you guys relate.”
The man says, “Well my mom is normal, my dad is fairly normal but my brother is deluded and thinks he’s a chicken”.
The doc says in surprise, “Wow, that’s highly unusual. Why didn’t you bring your brother in here with you so we could try to cure him?"
The man says, “Well, I would have but my family needs the eggs.”


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