A good example for all billionaires


Donating to charities and non-profit organizations reduces a lot of taxes paid by MacKenzie Scott to the IRS. Her wealth is from a divorce settlement from Jeff Bezos and was valued in a certain percentage of shares of Amazon.

70% of marriage divorces are initiated by women.

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@yinyang I don’t understand what your post has to do with the fact that she is generous in her donations.

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Yeah, but still, $16 billion dollars is a lot of money to give away and she’s helping hundreds of worthy causes.


Pffft. This divorce was initiated by Bezos stepping out on his wife. Douchebag.


Scott has promised to give away 99% of her wealth, so her motivation is not to reduce her taxes.

True. She received $36B in Amazon shares (the value of the shares at the time of the divorce).

Are you insinuating that Scott divorced Bezos for money? There would be no Amazon without Scott. The following is from Wikipedia:

4 Awards	American Book Award (2006) MacKenzie Scott (née Tuttle, formerly Bezos; born April 7, 1970)[1][2] is an American novelist and philanthropist. As of January 2024, she has a net worth of US$40.6 billion, owning a 4% stake in Amazon, the company she and her ex-husband, Jeff Bezos, founded.[3][4] As such, Scott is the third-wealthiest woman in the United States and the 47th-wealthiest individual in the world.[5] Scott was named the world's most powerful woman by Forbes in 2021 and one of Time's 100 most influential people in 2020.[6]  In 2006, Scott She also worked in an administrative role for hedge fund D. E. Shaw in New York City, where she met Jeff Bezos.  Amazon In 1993, Scott and Bezos married. The following year, they left D. E. Shaw, moved to Seattle, and started Amazon. Scott was one of Amazon's founders and was heavily involved in Amazon's early days, working on the company's name, business plan, accounts, and shipping early orders.[16][7] She also negotiated the company's first freight contract.

Just some additional information about MacKenzie Scott. I feel that MacKenzie’s divorce from Bezo’s is a tragedy but divorces do happen. Financial compensation is always used to settle divorces if not splitting of assets. Billionaires donating their wealth is great and all and the tax deductions is one form of benefit for ultra high net worth people to receive from the government.

However, there is information that the general public doesn’t know about regarding MacKenzie Scott. We only know what is deliberately disclosed and approved by her but the rest is kept secret.

Warren buffet is a good guy with his money too. He tries to be a good example and urge other billionaires to give large amounts of their fortune away as well when they pass.

When he dies I think the majority of his money will go to charities.

I’m not sure what your reason for trying to minimize the massive donations she is and is planning on giving to charity.

You’re tax deduction theory is nice and all but this really only saves people money who jump into a lower tax bracket because of charitable deductions and such and thus actually save money, I think. Meaning that the amount donated changes the percentage enough to save them money overall on the rest of their income.

Donating 16 milliion and saving 4 million in taxes on that 16 million is still a loss.

This is totally an assumption. What information that she is hiding do you propose negates her charitable donation?

We could say the same thing about you. Maybe your not a great guy because your hiding something as well. That’s basically what you are saying. Unless , of course, you are somehow privy to this information she is hiding?

If you are, please spill the beans.

I’m really not understanding why you want to minimize the credit she receives here.

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What? MacKenzie Scott controls the media? You know, just because Alex Jones says something is true doesn’t make it true.

Of the 2600+ Billionaires in the world compared to the 8 billion human inhabitants, 89% of the world’s Billionaires are men while only 11% are women. Billionaires are privy to information, have access to powerful tools and can buy anything they want due to their financial resources. Most of these ultra high net worth people have stated they will donate their wealth to charities when they pass away.

As for “spilling the beans” it is well known that people that have amassed such a tremendous amount of fortune can buy people off to forfeit disclosing information about Billionaires that could be damaging to them. Bill Gates is an example of the wealthiest man of over 20-years who kept a publicly perceived profile until his divorce from Melinda. Until the divorce happened did details of Bill & Melinda’s relationship come to light.

This seems to be an attack on her because she is woman. As it is otherwise irrelevant.

This is true of all billionaires. It again, does not negate the value of her charity. And none of this proves she has done anything nefarious.


I don’t understand what any of that has to do with donating large sums of money to help others


@Bowens is right, you’re only making presumptions about Mackenzie Scott and your presumptions are that she hasn’t revealed everything about her relationship with Bezos. Well, So what? Most people who were in serious relationships have secrets about what went on between the two people that only they know. I don’t see why you can’t admit that she is doing good things for humanity and it stems from altruism and she genuinely wants to help. There’s so little good in the world that when some person steps up and does something positive that person needs to be recognized and appreciated.


It’s likely there will be trillionaires one day. The world is so unfair. Why can’t we have more equal societies like Finland?

@Bowens You do know I am getting married, right?

@Moonbeam This is just additional information.

@77nick77 MacKenzie Scott will receive tax breaks for her generosity

@Magicapple Unfortunately the social economic status model where there are upper, middle & lower classes for any given country remains true.


So friggin what! Do you honestly believe that tax breaks are what’s driving her to be philanthropic? Her goal is to give away 99% of her fortune before she dies. It doesn’t take a genius to see she’s not doing that for the damn tax breaks.

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I’m not even going to bother any further. Your arguments make little sense and are mostly irrelevent to the points being made to you and your initial claims.

And getting married does not prevent you from thinking men are superior to woman. And your point that only 11% of woman are billionares was completely irrelevant other than to try to prove than men are better financial things than women.

Anyway, Im done. this is pointless.


@77nick77 The tax breaks are a benefit, incentive and bonus for her.

@Bowens Men & women play different roles when they are in a relationship together. Biologically, I cannot give birth to a child nor can I lactate milk.

As I said, I’m not going to address your points any further.

Just wanted to point out that you might want to put that shovel down soon. Your hole is deep enough.