A good day today!


Today I get to overdraft a check for extra cash…it’s the only overdraft I have each month…we’re upside down…I have to live on the overdraft for the rest of the month…but I’m happy we are going to have money again! On top of that my mom is coming to take us to an italian restaurant for lunch…I’m torn between having lasagna or eggplant parmesan…anyways…it’s going to be a very good day !!


I’d go for the lasagne!


I’m glad it’s a good day, most definitely the lasagna


Lasagna all the way


Eggplant parmigiana


my mother was really impressed by Roma’s …the waiter was this twenty something man from albania…yes I askked him where he was from…I asked him if he had tabasco and he kind of laughed and said no…mom laughed at me. it was funny. I always put tabasco on my stouffer’s party tray of lasagna once it’s on my plate. delicious…I put Tabasco on pepperoni pizza too…makes it perfectly hot. every time. and the flavor…oh well. it was a really good visit and I had the lasagna and used their pepper flakes. angie had shrimp alfredo…mom had a chicken and penne pasta dish…I figured out they must make their own pasta so liking the waiter so muich I asked him if they make their own pasta and he said yes…then my mom went up to him as we were leaving and started asking how he got in Pauls Valley. oklahoma…I didn’t hear what they said because me and angie walked out. Mom later explained that he said first his father came here for fifteen years and then the rest of the family came over. we were all impressed…


I put hot sauce on pizza, too, though I use Frank’s. When I make spaghetti sauce I normally put habanero peppers in it, but if I forget to buy habaneros I use crushed red pepper flakes.


how funny you say that…that was my resort that they had red pepper flakes…spiked it up quite a bit if you put enough of them on your lasagna. just finished the left over take home just now…so good…!!


Lasagne rules! Especially spicy


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