A good day off from work


I had a list of 7 things to do, some of them complex, and I accomplished all of them to great satisfaction today. It has been a good day. My efforts paid off.


Good for you. Glad you got some stuff done. :beetle::beetle::beetle:


Good job @Here4You! It can be tough to get anything done but you really nailed it today!


Good job! That’s awesome!!!


Congrats. That’s great.


Congrats. That’s a heck of an accomplishment.


May I ask what 7 things you got done.


Last Friday I saw my doctor, got a re-check on my eye glasses prescription, called three doctors about appointments, had lunch with a friend, got my cell phone checked at a repair shop, called my cell phone company, checked about my bank balance, made a change in my 401-K, and resolved a problem with my medical insurance.
Unfortunately I am not doing much of anything today, on Sunday.


I have a “honey do” list. For every item I complete my wife adds two more.

May I interest you in a trade, sir?


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