A Good Age for Marriage

My daughter asked me this.

I told her your early to mid 20’s are for you…blowing out the doors and discovering yourself.

I said that 28 was probably a good age to settle down and think about kids.

Your 20’s are for you…30’s and 40’s for the children. (should you decide to have kids)



Sounds about right

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I married at 24. Still married, but I think that’s more due to our personalities than age.


Seems like good advice to me. The amount of young mothers I can come across on dating apps (sometimes with multiple kids) is astounding. Its much better to get more experience of adult relationships than to rush into something.


I had kids between the ages of 29 to 35. I’m glad I waited


If I had a daughter,

I’d encourage her to have children later in life, if she wanted to have children at all.

Not so old she’d have complications, but on the other side of 30 at the very least.


I guess I’m in the minority. I prefer having kids when younger. I had my two youngest after 30 and have no patience now.

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I agree with @ZombieMombie. Raising small children is much easier in your twenties than thirties and forties. I’d recommend starting a family after college and starting a career. 25+


I think it’s generally true that females mature sooner than males, and are ready for marriage before men are.

Considering we generally live a lot longer now that in previous ages, I don’t see a need to get married by your 20’s or whatever people think is normal, considering how many marriages end in divorce maybe there’s too much pressure to get married by a certain age. That’s just my opinion though.

Surely, the fashion of marriage will have past its sell by date in 20 years?

Women as property is over and done with in Western society.

I can see a future of short term contracts in the future, as monogamy is probably past it too.

Just my two cents. :slight_smile:

I’m 44 and I’m just now realizing who I am. Idk. I’d like my 23 year old daughter to get through college first. (Though she’s temporarily dropping out cos of student loans adding up). I think if I had the right man I could grow with him.

Call me old fashioned but I believe in monogamy too

There is no correct age for marriage.
Whenever the time arrives.

I feel I have missed out on finding a partner.

33 years old and my longest relationship was 3 months

Actually I have long ago given up on marriage.

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Do you feel fine with that now you have accepted it?

I am OK with that.


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