A gluten breeze!

Not that anyone is interested but I separated all my wheat, rye and barley products from my store cupboard and put them in a box.

My ‘pet’ seagull needed feeding and I had run out of bread, so I thought that I’ve got some Shreddies in that box. In a frantic rush I popped open the sealed bag of wheaty goodies and got a mouthful of cereal breath.

I didn’t think of anything at the time, but only after a rash appeared did I analyse what I had eaten and couldn’t think of anything.

I did some research and found that touching gluten isn’t a problem but air particles can be a problem.

It has confirmed outright my gluten sensitivity however after taking it out of my diet completely a few weeks ago.

Damn you Nestlé and your wheaty treats… :smiley:


Gluten is nasty for schizophrenics. You do noticeably better after removing it.

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