A glorious breakfast on pay day

gonna make that montana breakfast again with fried potatoes, fried bacon, scrambled eggs, sour cream and cheddar cheese…yayyyy…feels great…


Well that beats the arse off my poached egg on toast.


I wish I could have a good cooked breakfast. It’s been over 2 years since I last had a breakfast at a local cafe. I’m walking without the frame more, but don’t think I could make it there(not even sure I could get downstairs to get out).

Frozen b/fasts you get in the supermarket are tasty enough, but nowhere near as good.


@jukebox if you like pancakes you should take a couple of those slices of bacon and cook them up crispy then chop them up and add them to your normal batter and make a couple pancakes. Then drizzle just a little syrup and omg, they are so good


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