A gigantic setback during our vacation

Like I posted earlier, we are in Illinois to visit friends and family. This evening at about 6 CST, we got a call saying my father in law got dizzy and hit his head in the process of falling. He was dizzy before he fell, which leads me to believe something is up. He is being admitted to the hospital for observation because he keeps puking up every anti-nausea drug they give him. This has turned into a trip of worry and concern. I hope we don’t attend a funeral in a few days.

It might be vertigo, alien. My mom suffers from that and had had several falls, some in public, sometimes injuring herself badly. I hope your father-in-law pulls out of it.


I would never want to trivialize something serious, but a hard core ear infection can cause a huge amount of dizzy, no balance and monster nausea.

Take it from a person who has had swimmer’s ear and allergy related ear infections many times. The world just spins and keeping food down is never an option.

Here’s hoping that it turns in to something very treatable and easy to get past.

Good luck Alien.

Yes getting dizzy is a symptom of many different things - I get dizzy from my meds sometimes - I hope it is nothing serious - my elderly folks get dizzy from time to time -

Sorry to hear about this Alien!
Hope things turn out to be not too serious…

My mom has vertigo. It might be that, and it is treatable. There are pills you can take and physio for your ears. She is doing great now.

sorry to hear that, i’m sure he will be fine.
take care