A Future Assault Trial

After falling to nearly below $1 a gallon a few months ago oil suddenly began to spike again. A struggling single mother looked at the pump and tried to imagine how she would make ends meet. Then she saw a limousine with a Wall Street investor pull up to the gas station. The investor smiled and yelled, “Isn’t it wonderful that the prices are nice and high again? Now I’m really making money.” His trophy girlfriend giggled. So the Mother pulled out an egg from a carton of 12 she had brought at the store and threw it at him. So she was brought to trial. After a jury of 10 was brought the judge was presented the evidence and looked at the poor woman who was missing work that day and the investor who was seated next to his girlfriend who was having a hangover from the champagne they had drunk the night before in celebration of the “fact that the evil woman was going to get to go to jail.” The jury had deliberated only 10 minutes and the head juror pronounced her innocent and said the investor needed to be charged for something. So the judge told the jury to pick one egg each and picked up an egg himself and they all threw them at the investor. The employer of the woman gave her a party when she came back to work as he was struggling to make ends meet himself. The End


Wouldn’t it be nice?

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I suppose that, like any group, some are worse than others. All of them pretty much screwed us. The economy still hasn’t completely recovered from their predatory lending practices. But hey, they’re too big to fail.