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My boss talked to me today about a job evaluation. They reviewed my work performance for 2018 and we sat in the office as he went over it. It was a surprise. I got low scores on most work performance topics but I got high scores on having a good attitude and getting along with co-workers. It was surprising because it was the other way around on most of my 38 years of being employed at various jobs.

But I had something to say about my supposed low score for performance and the evaluation in general. I did not think that evaluation measured accurately and fairly.

I told him that instead of having a yearly evaluation, just tell me right away if I am doing something wrong or not good enough. Then I could correct it immediately instead of just letting me do something wrong for a year. So I think the evaluation was flawed.

And another point was that I got a low score for “not being willing to work”. This topic was because he told me that when all my supervisors ask me if I want to go home 15 or 20 minutes early or do I want to stay. I always say I want to go home early. He said this meant I wasn’t wiling to work and he said that meant I wasn’t a team player. WTF? I told him straight out, "Hey, if you make the offer to let me go home early, than I will take it.

But I never ask if I can go home early. and if you want me to stay later I will do it. I basically told him, “Don’t make the offer if you don’t mean it” I thought my answer was pretty clear but he just kept going around in circles trying to say I wasn’t willing do what they ask. I kept telling him that I never say I won’t work but if there is an offer to go home early I will take because I get so tired by the end of the day.

We discussed this but he just couldn’t understand my point. And I felt really vindicated because I was giving my co-worker a ride to the bus stop after work and I told him about the question about leaving early and my co-worker told me that he went around in circles on that exact question too. Now that I’m home I’m bugged about that evaluation. I got a few low marks when I shouldn’t have. Some low scores I deserved because I have health problems and I know I’m slow.


That sucks.

I totally agree with your point of,

and the “not being willing to work” thing is ridiculous.

Why offer to let someone go early if you’re going to be ■■■■■■■■ about it later.

Sorry your evaluation didn’t go as well as it could have,

I don’t think it was your fault at all.


Thanks @anon54386108.

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Sounds like bad management from them. But so long as you still have the job then it’s ok.


The part about being offered to leave early you are so right, that should not be included in the performance evaluation. Some places even prefer you to go home early so they don’t have to pay you as much. That’s the way I’ve always seen it.


Being asked if you want to go home early and then giving you poor marks as a result sounds like entrapment. My goodness!

I am glad you got a good review for getting along with your peers. That’s really nice. :slight_smile:


Lol when i used to ask to go home early i would say, hey boss how would you like to save a bit on labour today?


This sounds bogus to me. If they are offering to let you go home early it’s on them, not you. It’s not like you’re laying out of work an asking to go home early. I think you should have gotten a higher score, for what it’s worth.

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