A funny story about a woman whom I met once in the psych ward

In my little town there was one leader of some local cops some years ago and he tried to create this informant network. He had given a telephone number to which people could call. Then I met one younger woman Tiina when I was in the psych ward. She regularly called this cop’s telephone number from the ward and left all kinds of private stories and problems. She left numerous telephone messages and complained about all kinds of personal things. I often listened near her making these calls. She wanted to talk with somebody and she had figured that because this cop had given his telephone number publicly that she could call him. I suppose she had read about him in the local newspaper. I thought that all this was funny, especially when she made these calls from the psych ward.


I had a really cute girl like me when I was hospitalized more than thirty years ago. I was twenty and she was thirty. I think she honestly liked me but I screwed the potential relationship up in a very dumb way. I haven’t thought about her in twenty years. Kind of makes me ache for what I missed out on.

I don’t remember any cute girls during my last hospital say, but there was one nurse who I would do anything for. I would act up in weird little ways to get her attention. Never worked out the way I planed. I thought I was being macho and suave… she didn’t see it that way. She just saw a very ill patient.

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I spendt my birthday one year in the psych ward it was nice they all "made"me gifts I still have some of them. Another time I made a frriend but hen he moved out of town. I don’t really have horror stories like some people do. desimb

Tiina is a nice younger woman. She called me later and wanted to know how to get a telephone number to his father in Berlin. Could not help at the time. Seen her sometimes walking in the streets of my little town.

Oh boy, I realy liked this one nurse. Like Bob Segar says, “She was a dark haired beauty with big brown eyes”. She flirted with me when I first got in. She was probably about my age, I was 20 years old. She liked to tease me about the hair on my chest, lol. I can still picture her in my mind.

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One girl wanted me to kiss her once.

Her delusions about how she was going to literally marry jesus though was kind of a turn off, not to mention i don’t think he would like being cheated on either.

Besides, it’s hard to think of those things with the attempted suicides, firemen escaping justice for robbing drugs from the ambulances, getting punched by that possessed mexican fellow, the memory of them telling one guy they were going to severe his head from his shoulders soon, one guy eating hand sanitizer to get high, the awful food, the very sick but extremely nice japanese fellow splitting my heart in two(it was so sad), etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

During one visit all of the nurses were even making fun of all of us, holy ■■■■ they just couldn’t wait to go have a drink and get some more pussy that night!