A funny 'beep' story

I am quite quiet where I live and recently I stayed on my mattress in my own quietness and suddenly I started hearing ‘beep’ regularly. This was not same as those voices I have heard in my mind and I started thinking that I have started hearing these ‘beeps’. But after a while I understood that these ‘beeps’ did not come from my mind but outside and my imagination started working. I started thinking that intelligence services were sending me these ‘beep’ signals, because I know that there have been few times when I have heard ‘beeps’: when a CIA recruiter called in 1998 and I did not give some info on the phone, I heard ‘beep’ on the phone line and their phone interview ended quickly, and when I was in LA in one McDonalds I heard ‘SOS beeps’ when the nuclear submarine sunk in 2000 and so on. But then after a while I stepped outside and I heard that this ‘beep’ came somewhere in the corridor or from somebody’s apartment. So no intelligence agencies were sending me signals and I stayed peacefully listening this regular ‘beep’ sound, but after many hours this ‘beep’ started driving me mad and I decided to call the building services to find out from where ‘beep’ came. And so a maintenance person came and he then found the source of this ‘beep’. The ‘beep’ came from one person’s apartment and this person had just listened this ‘beep’ two days, the source was actually a fire alarm in his apartment and the maintenance person took care of this problem. Funnily I have been in the psych ward with this ‘beep’ person at the same time. So this was a funny ‘beep’ story that happened recently.