A frog sees... how my head feels (odd ponder)

Frogs can see above and below the water at the same time. They pay attention to two different habitats at once.

I sometimes think about how I’m paying attention to the inside and outside of my head at the same time and the point where the two meet and blur. I was looking at the pictures of Frog vision and it just hit me on a different level.

Sometimes I’m tired and I just sink deeper… under… into my head and I don’t pay attention to what is going on around me… on the surface. The door in the bottom of my mind is open and I don’t pay attention to the surface. If I do… it looks like this…
Under water looking up.

Other times, I’m where everyone else is… over water looking down.

I pay attention to the surface but it’s hard to hear when my family or sis is talking to me because what’s in my head is talking to me too.

Sometime I feel I have to choose which side of the surface I want to live on. I like the underwater side but only for a while… too much of it and I forget how to walk on land.

The more time I spend under… the harder it is to surface.

I guess I have to live at the split surface paying attention to both sides of the surface break.
I’ve been pondering… how do frogs do it and make it look so easy?


Yeah, I often wonder how much I’m missing in my environment. I often wonder how much I’m not aware of that’s going on around me.

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thats a really good way to look at it, you have got a really good insight into your condition :thumbsup:

but why did you post it in the creative part of the forums? you would have gotten more views on the diagnosed forum i think

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I guess I posted it in the creativity section because it was just an odd coffee pondering.

I do feel like there is a bit of crossing back and forth between one reality to another…

Or dealing with both sides of that surface line at the same time.

I didn’t want to say that I’m identifying too heavily with frogs… That could have put me in the unusual beliefs section. :wink:

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I really liked this and how you described it. As usual, good ponder.

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