A friends persistent bad habit

I am wondering why one of my friends has a lack of self awareness at how offensive and inappropriate she comes across to others. Like very low emotional intelligence despite trying to prove that she has “the penetrative skill” of “empathy”. She thinks this gives her power and moral superiority and control over others.

She has a habit of acting like she is very knowing about people and reflects back to them her own version of what she thinks of them by psychoanalyzing their words or behaviour. Often in her psychosnalysis, she takes immense pride in pointing out others weaknesses or private motives. She thinks shes a dosteyovskian writer. Like a psychological profiler.

She never shuts up about her opinion of everyone and everything she observes which she presents with stark and blunt honesty. I dont see how shes this stupid about considering peoples feelings.

Do such people have problems with their spouse or friends? What is her motive behind acting like a blunt know it all?

I hate people like that.

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