A friendly game of Uno TW drugs

It brings back memories of a friend who was a hooker in my drug days. Our relationship was mainly doing drugs and maybe, kinda fooling around a little bit but one night I was over at her apartment with a friend and another friend of hers and she decided to cook a spaghetti dinner for everybody.

So all us addicts sat around her kitchen table and ate and afterwards somehow we all ended up playing Uno. I mean back then it seemed normal but now I can see the incongruity of it. While we were playing people kept coming to the door and she would go into the bathroom with them and shoot heroin and then the person would leave and she would come back and resume playing Uno with us. It was all a bit weird.


I wish I were relaxed enough to play a game of Uno. My sister and I played a card game (Authors) the last time we were together. It brought back memories.

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Authors - I remember that one. My brothers played it. By the time the authors had some meaning to me, half the cards were lost.


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