A friendly decourse on taking peoples s*it

You would think that if you take everybodies sit every day and don’t do anything about it, that they would then just leave you alone. But it doesn’t work like that. If you take peoples craziness and sit then it just emboldens them to give you more s*it and when you get tired of fighting then the hyenas of the world will take the opportunity to pounce on you like you’re a sick wildebeast in Africa. Hey, that’s pretty darn poetic. Yep, yep, yep, this is going in my book.

A burrito supreme and a quesadilla for dinner from Taco Bell and I visited my sister tonight. Hey, I’m living high on the hog, why the heck am I complaining? Except for a little exhaustion all day, I’m still running on all six cylinders. Hey, that’s a cool line. Yep, going in my book too.

Hey people, I’m feeling so generous tonight that I’m going to put all of you in my book. Aren’t you glad? I won’t use your real names.

Oh yeah, I don’t always lose, sometimes I win.


@Azley just showed me his burrito on a plate. I eat burritos for breakfast. Taco bell puts potatoes in their burritos.

See where I’m going with this?

it’s a conspiracy!!!

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I don’t know where you are going with this, but everybody on this forum can take you’re shot at me right now. I don’t always lose, sometimes I win.


These god damned piranha out there… these god damned piranha.

Telepathy is witchcraft #delusional

I don’t know if you’re trying to be funny or you’re trying to be disrespectful.

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nick strikes again

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Nick I got hella respect for you. I deal with that thought broadcasting ■■■■.

I was serious. The way this illness makes people seem is bogus. Even these friendly Kansas folk.

Thanks. Yes, there are certainly pirrahans out there.

Yeah I get the thought broadcasting as well. I have it all the time reading these forums. Thinking people are talking about me but then I just ask myself “So what?” And usually I stop giving a damn.

God damned vultures. Targeting and picking on the psychos. It’s sick. Not even a chance of climbing out of that well unless you bend over and take it from them for so long its not fun for them any more. And then they’ll still try to eat you.

My theory is I spent to much time in public tripping drugs. Thinking critically with such emphasis it started leaking out my skull.

My deja vu’ strikes again. It’s like I’ve dreamed of reading these exact words before. WHAT’S GOING ON?

It’s like @flybottle said

if its not about you disregard it
if it is about you… disregard it.

let them talk. rise above

the best vengeance is living well… @mortimermouse


First ask yourself “who cares?” then ask yourself, “So what?”


nick, i work in sales, you can imagine the shiz that gets thrown around. my boss bitches about everyone (except a jewish gal) and i know once i turn my back, it’s getting thrown at me. i try to ignore it since i really don’t know how else to respond, but it is hell.

don’t forget, you can also call it a draw

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Telepathy can be a curse. It is for me. Good thing I don’t have much of that anymore.

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