A friend puts me down cuz I've lost weight

Is this normal? I lost 10lbs and my chubby friend told me I will gain them again. I think it’s cruel to say that after I’ve put so much effort into losing weight. I’d never say something like this to someone!

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Misery loves company. Ignore.


It’s common for friends to be jealous and insecure when something good happens to you that they wish would happen to them.

It probably challenges their ability to love himself as they are Because, if you lost weight, that means they could lose weight, too. And if they can lose weight, that means they might not be good enough the way they are.

I don’t agree with this way of thinking, but it’s common.


Thanks, guys! I am so excited I am finally losing weight. She says she’s used to her body and that she wants to eat everything she wants. I told her many times I don’t agree with that. You can’t lose weight if you keep on stuffing yourself. Anyways, I will really ignore her comments. She’s a good person besides this.


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