A friend in trouble


my wife’s friend has been accused of bullying in the work place by a 6 foot two jerk ( guy ) she works with.
she is 5 foot 1 inch tall, she has ’ hug ’ arms ( she can not move them much, she is disabled , she was born that way ).
when my wife told me i thought she was joking, i actually laughed.
she would not say ’ boo ’ to a ghost , she is one of the kindest souls you could meet.
her husband is profoundly deaf, when they went to get an engagement ring they were treated like ’ crap ’ by the women jeweller , like they were retarded , they went somewhere else and spent their money .
he is a computer wiz with the australian goverment, she is a valuer ( real estate ), two of the most intelligent people i know.
this is why i loathe humanity, they judge , they try, then they execute their derision with the words of malice and hate.
take care


I am so sorry your nice friend has to deal with this. Of course this big guy targets the smallest woman. What a bully himself.

I hate that so much when I see that. I hope all works out for your family friend soon with out hassle.

I don’t know what it is about shop keepers, some places it feels like they are trained to be rude. My sis is brutal to rude shop keepers.


my wife’s friend is going to fight the unfounded claim of bullying . possibly with a defamation case, he has been actually having a go at other women colleagues including his boss, ’ he is going down ', never mess with women, they are smarter than us mere males…
your sis is a force to be reckoned with, verging on being a demi goddess .
your mum sounds the same way .
take care