A Freudian slip

I bet his wife looked amazing in it.


what’s a Freudian slip?

and who’s Freudian? apparently so important that he’s capitalized in autocorrect… :/ 

Yo nick… google slash dresses

Western psychologist before psychology made sense at all.

Real unafraid guy. Suggested some of the most controversial stuff folk have ever heard.

In all sciences people have been topped. In psychology two names remain Freud and Jung…

Both late 1800s early 1900s psychs…

Wikipedia sigmund freud.

He’s way off base and highly offensive.

The freudian slip though. Is when something that you wouldn’t have meant to say creeps out and part of your inner character is revealed that probably shouldn’t have been.

Like a dude is hanging with his hot sis and her boyfriend is over. Her boyfriend is talking her up and being showy and her brother is like “yeah I know she’s a fuckable broad.”

Totally innapropriate statement but shows the brother’s actual evaluation of his sister in that sense. He was just trying to be comfortable and cool and them honesty “slipped” out.

What nick was doing was playing on another thing. The nip-slip of famous women or the trip and fall upskirt…

@77nick77 strikes again


like when I joked to bro that when I get my own room, I’ll need no bathroom.
only bottle and bags.

lol lol just kidding.
(almost freudian slipped in public forum… :disappointed_relieved:)

What did his wife look like? Had heard rumors his mother was gorgeous hence all the preoccupation with sex.