A free gift to all

The last minute of this day will have 61 second!
Last time when it happened, in 2012. several networks were crashed and about four thousand flights delayed in Australia.

What you gonna do with your extra second?


I think I’ll send you a “heart like” for my one extra second!


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Cool. I will put my extra second in a little treasure box and keep it until I really, really need it! :smile:

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Guess it means I have to heart you back. Here goes my free second :imp:

Everybody has “one second” right?

So everyone pick one word you would say in that second. I’ll say…


I would say LOL :joy:


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LiveScience says that tonight we can see Jupiter and Venus dance together :heart_eyes:

I can think of a good song they could dance to…


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I’ll be drinking at the bar when that happens.