A forum game

Bassicly i give a statments and you guys can say the same thing but in different words.

For example :

  • I never thought i will meet someone so cool like that girl -

that;s the statments and i could write it under a different form like :

  • In my whole life, it didn’t crossed my mind that i will meet that girl, she is cool -

Do you understand the rules? you can ask more questions, here is the statment for the game.

  • If i will ever go back to that place, please call an abulance -

For de hippos. They eatz too meny watermelon. One abulance per hippo.



first try not so bad

Help. 911. 。°。°。°。°。°


I swear if I go back to that place you can just call the damn ambulance!

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If by a wicked twist of fate - and it really stretches my imagination just picturing such an abhorrent materialization - circumstances beyond my control subject me to returning to the aforementioned locus, I beg of you to dial 911 as pronto as humanly conceivable.


“But not as cool as de hippos. Not even a little.” said grandfather hippo as he tucked his little grandson hippos into bed for the evening.


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