A food question

I bought a pack of Chinese style drumsticks and thighs last Sunday. I put the pack in the freezer. I took them out last night to have today and they were all stuck together. Can I put some back in the freezer after they’ve been defrosted and cooked?

I would not risk it with meat, chicken in particular. Are they precooked or raw? Can you break off a drumstick?

They’re raw. I’ve got the pack defrosting in the fridge . I tried separating some last night ,but couldn’t .

Quick search, here is what I found.

Curious what others think.

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I suggest take out some amount that you would like to eat, and then put the rest back into the freezer.
Enjoy the food!

If you cook it you should be able to re-freeze it. I would and I’m totally paranoid about food safety, especially meat. I would not re-freeze it raw. I would not re-freeze it cooked longer than 3 months.


I agree with @Leaf

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